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  How do I search for a Consortium?

From the main menu access the main search form or, if known, search by Ringgold ID.

From any list of Search Results, consortium records are grouped first and are indicated by this icon 

Click on a consortium name to view or download its full record.

  I need a list of consortia in a particular geographic area

Use the Advanced Search for options to search by region or country. Multiple countries can also be selected here.

  I want to find consortia where one of my key customers is a member

Enter the organization’s name, or partial name, in Advanced Search

Under Include Organization Types, Select Member and clear the other Consortia and Vendor options

Alternatively, search by Ringgold ID if know. See Search Options for more.

  I want to find closed consortia, those that license online information products for all their members (i.e. non opt-in deals)

Use the Advanced Search for options to search by consortia activity.

Under Select Consortia By Activity, select Licensing-Closed from the drop-down menu.

If you want to restrict the search to a certain country or a region you can use that option in conjunction with this search.

See Glossary for an explanation of terms.

  I want to find consortia that specialise in a particular subject area

In Advanced Search, select one or more subjects from the Select Specialist Consortia by Subject drop-down menu. See Search Options in CDO.

  I want to find consortia that have a certain type of members

In Advanced Search, select the type of institution from the Membership Type drop-down menu. See Search Options in CDO.

  How are the consortium member and vendor lists compiled? How often are they updated?

Ringgold lists consortia members and vendors where official or reliable information is readily available to us. Consortia information is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, when the entire consortium record is updated.

  My search has returned no results

If your search returns no results it is likely that there are no consortia with the criteria you have chosen, please try an alternative search.

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