Search options in CDO

Searching the directory allows you to find a consortium record.


Access the main search page

To access the search page, log in or Click the Search option located on the menu bar from within anywhere in CDO.


Tip: All search options can be run in conjunction with each other


Consortium name search

Type the name of a consortium or member, part of a name or its acronym into the search box.
Try “CAUL” Click Search


Tip: You can also use truncated word searches eg univ libr

Tip: If you know the Ringgold Identifier you can also search here, in the Ringgold ID field


Geographic area search

Select optional region, country or state/province (USA & CAN only)

Search by region cdo-regions





Search by country



Search by state/province cdo-states



Vendor search

Find consortia that have licensed your competitor’s products.

Vendor: A publisher or vendor of online information content, primarily scholarly, academic and professional or reference information sources, although more general content providers are listed.

Select vendor


Tip: If you want to restrict a vendor search to a certain country or region you can also select the region, country or state in conjunction with this search



Consortium activity search

Select activity type eg Interlibrary Loan

cdo-consortium-activity Tip: See Glossary for explanation of classification terms



Subject specialism search

Select subject area



Consortia membership type search

Find consortia that contain a specific type of institution within their membership, eg that contain universities among the membership.

Select membership type







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