Ringgold API Developer Rules

October 1, 2020

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The following document provides information about what Developers using the Ringgold APIs must do in the development of Applications for the Licensee (a Ringgold Client).

By accessing or using the API, or authorizing or permitting anyone else to access or use the API, you are accepting these rules. Developers are also bound by the Contract for Services between Ringgold and the Client, and specifically by Schedule D: API License Agreement. https://support.ringgold.com/identify-database-api-services/



API                               the Application Programming Interface, RESTful, and any accompanying or related documentation, source code, executable applications or other materials made available by Ringgold.

Applications               web or other software services or applications developed by Licensee that utilize or interact with the API.

Documentation          written information about the contents, procedures and implementation of the API as provided by Ringgold. https://support.ringgold.com/identify-database-api-services/

Malicious Software     viruses, trojan horses, spyware, worms, logic bombs or other analogous malicious code (“Malware”).

Ringgold Data             All of the data supplied via the API, including the Ringgold ID, hierarchy data, and metadata, except for the ISNI Number, Open Funder Registry ID (OFR), name of the organization and location.


  • Use and make calls to the API to develop, implement and distribute Applications for internal business use.
  • Use and make calls to the API to obtain, transmit, display and distribute Ringgold Data to employees of the Client and Applications used by the employees.
  • Use and make calls to the API to obtain Ringgold Data for appending to internal business data.
  • Use and make calls to the API to provide drop down lists, or other selection functions, of organization names for selection by external parties such as authors, so long as the data that is displayed to them is restricted to the name(s) of an organization and its location, the ISNI Number and OFR.
  • Ringgold Data, such as the Ringgold ID and associated metadata, attached to the data provided by external parties through drop down or other selection processes may be used internally for any purpose.
  • In order to use and access the API, developers must obtain API credentials (a “Key”).


  • Do not make the Ringgold Data publicly available or available to a third party unless permission has been granted by Ringgold in writing or in the Contract with the Client.
  • Do not make the API or any part of the API publicly available or available to a third party unless permission has been granted by Ringgold in writing or in the Contract with the Client.
  • Do not share the API Key with any third party, and keep the Key and login information secure.
  • Only use the API for the development of Applications and use of Ringgold Data and not for monitoring of the performance of the API.
  • Do not use the API in any way that could undermine the security of the API or the Ringgold Data.
  • Do not attempt to:
    • interfere with, modify or disable any features, functionality or security controls of the API.
    • defeat, avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate or otherwise circumvent any protection mechanisms for the API.
    • reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or derive source code, underlying ideas, algorithms, structure or organizational form from the API.
  • Do not violate any explicit rate limitations on calling or otherwise utilizing the API.
  • Do not make any modifications to any Ringgold Data, other than as reasonably necessary to modify the formatting in order to display it in a manner appropriate for the Applications.
  • Ensure that any interactions with the API do not introduce any malicious software into the API or the Ringgold Data.


  • Developers must comply with the Documentation provided by Ringgold.
  • Ringgold has no responsibility for the content, development, operation, support or maintenance of Applications.
  • The Licensee is solely responsible for:
    • the technical installation and operation of its Applications.
    • creating and displaying information and content on, through or within its Applications.
    • ensuring that its Applications do not violate Intellectual Property Rights of any third party.
    • ensuring that Applications are not offensive, profane, obscene, libelous or otherwise illegal.
    • ensuring that its Applications do not contain or introduce Malicious Software into the API, Ringgold Data or other data stored or transmitted using the API.
    • ensuring that its Applications are not designed to or utilized for the purpose of spamming anyone, particularly Ringgold Clients and End-Users.


  • Ringgold may modify the API, Documentation and Ringgold Data from time to time.
  • Ringgold will provide notification of the Modifications, particularly if they are significant and will change your use of the API.
  • Modifications to the API will be indicated by a change in the version number using the syntax X.X.X, where X refers to an integer:
    • Patch Modifications will be indicated by a change in the third integer. E.g. 1.1.1 becomes 1.1.2
    • Minor Modifications will be indicated by a change in the second integer. E.g. 1.1.5 becomes 1.2.0
    • Major Modifications, which include new Ringgold Data or new features will be indicated by a change in the first integer. E.g. 2.4.3 becomes 3.0.0
  • For Patch and Minor Modifications, Ringgold will turn off previous versions of the API after 60 days, so you must transition to the new version within 60 days.
  • For Major Modifications, Ringgold will turn off previous versions of the API after 120 days, so you must transition to the new version within 120 days
  • Any Modifications may have an adverse effect on Applications, including how they communicate with the API and transmit and display Ringgold Data. It is your responsibility to modify Applications so that they are not adversely affected.


  • Ringgold provides the API on an “as is” and “as available” basis.
  • Ringgold does not guarantee the fitness of the API for a particular purpose.
  • Ringgold does not guarantee that the API will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free.


  • Ringgold does not provide specific technical support for the API other than the Documentation. You may enquire about arranging separate technical support, but it cannot be guaranteed.
  • Licensee is solely responsible for providing all support and technical assistance to End-Users of its Applications.


  • You may stop using the API at any time, please notify Ringgold that you no longer need a Key.
  • In the unlikely event that Ringgold stops providing the API, Ringgold will notify you in advance.
  • If a Service Level Agreement is in place that is applicable to the use of the API, Ringgold will adhere to the terms of the Service Level Agreement.


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