Release Notes:

  • New service: /token
    • Generates and returns a Java web token from APIKEY, valid for 24 hours.
    • Used for Javascript browser applications to call Ringgold rest API without exposing the APIKEY in the JS.
    • Clients should /token from their server, once per day, store the JWT and configure the new JS in their webform to load the JWT and pass it to /suggest.
    • Ringgold has an additional service where we will create the token several times per day, host it in our cloud, and provide client with permilink to load the JWT in their webform before calling /suggest.
  • New service: /suggest
    • Works like search, but with less options.
    • Max items returned = 15
    • No pagination
    • Added request parameter to define desired output fields
  • Modified service: /search
    • added request parameter to add additional points to score when org has a level = 0.
    • only changes the order of the search results, not the selection of records.

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