In summary:

  • Soap v25 vs v24
    • Adds support for ofrOption when finding institutions.
    • Adds support for place elements in the institution response objects.

In detail version25 adds:

  1. elements
    1. added aal1-aal5, aal1s-aal5s (spelled out not abbreviated)
    2. added country_code, formatted_name, language, latitude, locality_name, longitude
    3. added name_short, note, ofrOption, place, relationship, sublocal
    4. findInstitutionsRequest
      1. added ofrOption
    5. findInstitutionsResponse
      1. added ofrOption
    6. findInstitutionsByKeywordsRequest
      1. added ofrOption
    7. findInstitutionsByKeywordsResponse
      1. added ofrOption
  2. simpleTypes
    1. added ofrOptions
    2. enumeration: all, ofr_only, no_ofr
  3. complexTypes
    1. altNameType
      1. added: state, postCode, place
    2. placeType (NEW)
      1. includes: language, name, name_short, country_code, aal1-aal5, aal1s-aal5s, sublocal, locality_name, formatted_name, longitude, latitude
    3. institutionType
      1. added: place
    4. familyType
      1. added: relationship

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