Exporting consortia members & subscriptions

For Identify Online clients who also use the Identify Audit Service, you will be able to export not only the complete member list of any consortium, but also your subscription data to result in a consortium penetration report.

1. Search for a consortium in Identify Online View the Identify Record eg Couperin


ido-consortium-members-button2. Click the consortium members and subscriptions icon, which indicates there are members of this consortium who have some subscriptions with you.





3. Click Run Consortium Report


For an explanation of the subscription indicator icons, see Viewing Consortia Subscriptions ido-show-hierarchy-nosubs ido-show-hierarchy-subs-hierarchy ido-show-hierarchy-subs-nohierarchy


Total members in consortium = member institutions of the consortium
Other organizations in member hierarchies = number of institutions elsewhere in the members’ hierarchies
Total organizations = member institutions of the consortium plus number of institutions elsewhere in the members’ hierarchies
Accounts with members = total unique accounts for members of the consortium.
Accounts in member hierarchies = unique accounts for organizations hierarchically related to a member. These may be children or parents of a member, but are not officially consortia members themselves. A non-member account may also be present in multiple member hierarchies, but is counted just once in this total.
Total accounts = Unique accounts for members and within member hierarchies.


This preview lists all subscribing and non-subscribing consortium members, and subscribing accounts in the member hierarchies.

Rows in GREY = consortium member with a subscription. You will see a row for each individual subscription, as submitted in your Identify Audit data.
Rows in BLUE = these institutions have subscriptions. They are not consortium members in their own right, but are in the hierarchies of consortium members.
Rows in WHITE = consortium member without a subscription.


The level indicates where in an hierarchy the member sits. Click the level number to view the full institution hierarchy. Ownership will tell you if the member is direct (no parent institute), direct (has a parent institute) or shared (has more than one parent institute).

Detailed subscription information for each product is listed to the far right of the screen. Where Quantity is blank then there is no subscription at that institution. So you can view all gaps in the consortia account alongside the sales.



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