Viewing organization hierarchies in Identify Online

Relationships between organizations in the Identify Database are linked hierarchically, and are displayed in Identify Online like a family tree. To view the hierarchy of an organization in Identify Online look for View Hierarchy buttons:

  Shows direct parents and direct children

Tip: Each part of an organization has its own unique hierarchy

Hierarchies show how an organization relates to other organizations in its direct ‘family tree’, and the depth of their relationships.

   Identify Record, shows full detail
   Organization hierarchy, shows immediate descendents
   Organization hierarchy, shows immediate ascendents (if more than one direct parent)
  View a simplified hierarchy from this part of the organization
  Customer, show product detail (available if your datasets are hosted by Ringgold)

  Direct Customer      Indirect Customer      Direct and Indirect Customer

Ringgold clients who have their datasets hosted in Identify Online will also be able to see which organizations in the hierarchy are Customers.

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Organizational Relationships in Identify Online

Organization Hierarchies in Identify Online enable you to see how organisations are connected to one another and the depth of their relationships within the hierarchy. The organization whose hierarchy is currently being expanded will be highlighted gold:

E.g. University of California Berkeley School of Law is part of the University of California Berkeley, which belongs under the University of California System, which is a part of the State of California.

The solid bars indicate that the organization has a single parent relationship in the hierarchy

The dotted bars indicate that the organization has multiple parent relationships in other hierarchies


Multiple Parents

An organization may have more than one parent. To show the organization in its unique multiple-parent hierarchy Click View Common Parents to see the upward hierarchical relationship:

E.g. Ringgold ID 368076 University of California Berkeley School of Law Bookstore has multiple parents

  • Ringgold ID 138301 Follett Higher Education Group (parent 1)
  • Ringgold ID 33556 University of California Berkeley School of Law (parent 2)

Tip: An organization may have an unlimited number of parents


Export an Identify Online Hierarchy Tree

From any hierarchy view, Click Export Tree at the top of the page to download the tree in a variety of formats:

If your datasets are hosted in Identify Online, customers and products will also be shown in the exported tree files if applicable.

See also: Customers & Products in Identify Online



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