Identify Online is the web-based interface used for accessing Ringgold’s Identify Database and can be found at Access to Identify Online is provided by username/password and via IP addresses. Licensees may also access Identify via a locally-hosted copy of the database and API webservice.

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Identify Online allows users to search and analyze the organizations included in Identify using various tools including a powerful Advanced Search, and a sophisticated Datasets feature provides an additional layer of analysis tools. Clients of the Identify Audit Service may also opt to view their audited data within a secure view of Identify Online, enabling comparison of key client organizations against the wider world of organizations represented by Identify.

Identify Database Summary

Identify is a comprehensive authority file of almost 600,000 organizations playing an active role in scholarly communication: licensees, funders, publishers, affiliations of individuals, sources of research, and more. The scope of the database is multisector and international.

Identify is growing at a rate of 5% per year, and also undergoes rigorous maintenance: more than 35% of all records have undergone changes in the past year. Changes made to the Identify Database are reflected immediately on Identify Online.

Key Features of Identify Data

Ringgold Identifier: We assign a unique Ringgold ID number to each organizational entity, authoritatively disambiguating it from other institutions.

Identify Hierarchies: Each institution is linked to the Identify records of its related institutions, forming an authoritative hierarchy. Each institution, and part thereof, is linked to related organizations such as library systems, university systems, consortia, governmental agencies and corporate entities.  In Identify Online, we provide various ways to navigate hierarchies and download complete ‘family trees’, allowing you to explore complex organizations.

A typical example of an academic hierarchy is as follows:

Identify Metadata: To further enhance the profile of each institution, Identify provides up to 25 pieces of information such as location, size data, tier systems, industry sector, subject specialty, and scope. In Identify Online, all data elements are searchable, allowing users to create sophisticated and precise slices of data. Please see Identify Database Metadata Elements for a complete list of metadata elements, and how they are applied.

Identify Online has been designed to enable simple and multifaceted searching and analysis of the complete Identify Database of organizations:

Simple Search: Quickly locate organizations by Organization Name, Alternate Name, Ringgold ID, or ISNI.

Advanced Search: Create multifaceted searches using all geographic and demographic Identify metadata elements. Clients with hosted Audit data can also search using their own data fields such as products, customer numbers, and more.

Datasets: Aggregate and compare and contrast multiple sets of data to perform sophisticated analysis.

Clients of the Identify Audit Service who have their audited data hosted on Identify Online can use our tools to understand and analyze their customer base:

  • See customers and non-customers indicated in all Identify Online searches and reports
  • Filter searches by product, Customer ID, and other customer details
  • Find relations between customers and other organizations, including consortium memberships
  • Generate powerful gap analysis and market penetration reports

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