Exporting search results to file

1. In the search screen, set Identify Online to save your search results to file. Do this before you click search.
Click the icon on the top bar ido-output-buttonido-output-access

You are now presented with output options.

2. Select output option file, and choose other filter options, if required.


3. When all desired options have been selected, scroll back up to the top and Click Search ido_search_button

You will be shown a preview screen, to check that you are exporting the correct data. This screen indicates how many records will be downloaded in your file and also shows whether the file will be downloaded completely. We set a maximum download of 20,000 records. You can also change the file name here.

Select Run report to export the data to a file


Viewing Downloaded Data

After following the steps to Export Search Results to File, open the saved file in Excel. The file will look like this (if full record option was selected):


You will see multiple lines of data for each record. They may have two or more sets of data in the Size column, perhaps staff and beds or possibly they are members of multiple consortia. A line of data will also be given for each publication they subscribe to. A combination of these reasons can lead to a large file. The data is provided like this, to enable use in customers’ varied internal systems.

You can filter the data in your downloaded file, to show only records with the tier of RGT, or for a particular size value, for example.

Contact Us for further instruction on viewing the data in Excel, if needed.



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