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If your search of organizations returned more than one record, the results list will be weighted by search term frequency. A summary of how your results list was retrieved and how many organizations were found is included at the top of the page:

Ringgold clients who have their Datasets hosted in Identify Online may also view their Customers from a search results list:

  Direct Customer      Indirect Customer      Direct and Indirect Customer

More information: Customers & Products in Identify Online


Sort Search Results in Identify Online

Sort your results alphabetically A-Z by name, location, Ringgold Type, or numerically by ISNI Number. Click the column down arrow for which field you would like to sort on:

To reverse sort by Z-A, click the arrows again.
To go back to the original results list, Click


Column filter in Search Results

Enter a word or partial word in the Name or Type column filter to quickly refine your list of search results. For example, type the word ‘department’ into the Name filter to see records in the results where ‘department’ is used in the name. This will search on main record names only, not alternate names.

Tip: You can use partial words in the column filters eg univ or depart.

Or use the drop down boxes to filter by organization Location:

See also: Ringgold Types
See also: Identify Online Glossary


Refine By filter in Search Results

Refine your search results list further; filter by Ringgold Classification Metadata to find the organizations that really matter. Refine by international Regions, organization Sectors or Ringgold Types,  Ringgold Tiers, and Sizes (total number of students or employees).

Tip: Use the “Select All” function to choose the top-level Ringgold Type sector and all of its sub-types

Tip: One or many options can be selected together

See also: Identify Database Metadata Elements
See also: Identify Online Glossary
See also: Ringgold Types
See also: Ringgold Tiers


Download Search Results in Identify Online

Download your search results list quickly for analysis straight to your desktop. From the search results page, Click the Download Results button at the top of the page. The results can be saved as a .csv or .xlsx file. The file can be renamed before saving:

Tip: Select ‘Include Customer Data’ if your Datasets are hosted by Ringgold and you want to include your Product details

Tip: CSV files cannot be opened directly by Excel. This is not unique to Ringgold, it is a common and expected ‘feature’ of Excel. See Systems Files Tech Tip for more information on how to properly handle CSV files, and avoid data corruption in many circumstances.

See also: Save Searches in Identify Online



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