Use Saved Search options if you want to return to a particular list of search results at a later time or if you’d like to share search results with colleagues.

Tip: the Saved Search feature is available in Advanced Search only, not Simple Search


Save a Search directly from a Results List

After running an Advanced Search, click the Save Search button at the the top of the results list. Any search filters used in a results list will also be saved:

Name this search something meaningful so that it is easy for you to find again and then click Save:


Save Search As in an Advanced Search

You can name a search prior to running it. Simply click Save Search As in the Advanced Search page:


Retrieve a Saved Search in Identify Online

Load, edit or download your Saved Searches. In the top navigation bar, Click Search, then from the drop-down menu Click Saved Searches to get to your named searches:

Your named searches will by default remain uncategorized here unless you categorize them.

Use the Actions button to reload, change, move or delete a Saved Search:
Click View to reload your search results back into a results list to download or refine it
Click Edit to reload your search parameters back into the Advanced Search form, where you can add or remove search fields if required
Click Delete to remove your search results permanently

Tip: Take care before you click ‘Delete’ as you won’t be able to undo this


Rename a Saved Search

To rename a Saved Search you will need to Edit it:

Select the Edit option alongside any Saved Search. This will reload the search parameters back into the Advanced Search form. Then click Save Search As and give it a new name:

The newly named Saved Search will now be in the Uncategorized section of your Saved Searches area. You can delete the older one, if required.


Categorizing Saved Searches in Identify Online

Create a new category for your search results to manage mutiple saved searches. This is useful if you want to group your search results by  sales opportunity or share with colleagues.

Click New Category, give it a meaningful Name, then Click Save

Drag any Saved Search into any category to store it in that category. Alternatively, use the Move To action:

A Category cannot be renamed. Instead, create a brand new Category with a new name and then delete the old one.

Tip: You can move Saved Searches from category-to-category multiple times


Share Saved Search Categories

Share your search results with your colleagues. This option allows anyone in your organization who has an Identify Online user account to view any saved search Category of your chosing. Click Share Category:

Colleagues will now be able to view this Category in their personal Saved Searches area.

Stop Sharing a Saved Search Category

If you no longer wish to share your Saved Search Category with colleagues, Click Stop Sharing Category:


Ordering Saved Searches in Identify Online

Use these options to sort your Saved Searches alphabetically or by creation date:


Download Saved Searches in Identify Online

To download results of a Saved Search, Click View the results to reload them:

Then Click Download Results at the top of the page:

Tip: When downloading results, select Include Customer Data if your Datasets are hosted by Ringgold and you want to include your Product details

Download Tip: CSV files cannot be opened directly by Excel. This is not unique to Ringgold, it is a common and expected ‘feature’ of Excel. See Systems Files Tech Tip for more information on how to properly handle CSV files, and avoid data corruption in many circumstances.



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