Basic Searching in Identify Online

Searching Identify Online allows you to find institutional records and your subscription data, if hosted by Ringgold.


To perform a basic name search

To access the basic search page, login or Click the search link on the bar at the top of the page from within anywhere in Identify Online:


Enter an organization name into the main search box and Click the search button

Tip: You can also use truncated word searches
eg univ calif berkeley

Name search

Search any name, keywords in a name, fragments of a name or enter a Ringgold Identifier.

We retain institution names in their legal form and in the native language or transliteration to Latin characters.

Searches are not case sensitive. Simple search terms are automatically right-truncated, so “medic” becomes “medic*”, and will find both “medicine” and “medical”.

Search terms are combined using AND so if you use ‘child’ and ‘health’ the results will only find results using both of these words.

If no hits are retrieved using all of the terms, items are removed from the list, from the right, until a hit is found. For example, “boston gsfsgsfs” will fail, but will fall back to “boston”. To improve a search for a specific organization, use the most significant or unique term first.

Ringgold Identifier

Use this field if you know the Ringgold ID. Ringgold IDs are numeric, unique and sequentially assigned. They contain between four and six digits, but there is no limit to the number of digits, and the individual digits do not signify anything. Ringgold IDs are not recycled, so the number for a record which is deleted is never used again. This term will not be automatically right-truncated, but if you add a “*”, all identifiers beginning with the digits typed will be found.


Main domain, sub-domain or specific department URL. Long strings are not used and ‘http’ is not included. We hold information for domain, sub-domain or specific department URLs. If you know the URL for an institution you can enter it here. Try this option if you can’t locate an institution by name.


The location of the institution; the postal city not street address. Two or more cities can be entered, separated by commas (no gaps), and the search will work for any one of them. The search will only work on a complete city name. Consider language variations appropriate for the country record eg Milan/Milano, Vienna/Wien, Prague/Praha, etc.

Zip/Post Code

Postal code or zip code part of the mailing address of the institution, in the format used in each country. Searches will work on a part number, but will return all records which include the searched term. For example, 09 will return records in Cagliari, Italy and Abashiri, Japan.


The location of the organisation, provided as the ISO3166 2 digit country code. See Country Codes for full list.

See also: Advanced Searching
See also: Glossary


Search Results

If your search returned more than one result, as most will, they will be shown in a table, ordered and sorted alphabetically by name. In the case of the University of California Berkeley there are 110 results. The database has retrieved every record that contains the words ‘University’ and ‘California’ and ‘Berkeley’ somewhere in the record, either in the institution name or alternative name. If an exact match is found, it will be displayed at the top of the results.


Tip: Use this navigation bar to move around the pages of results ido-navigation-bar

Tip: You can change the way results are ordered and sorted. More here.

If you want to see how the database reached those results, a helpful summary can be viewed. Click the plus sign on the task bar to view the summary.


Please contact us if you would like further explanation of the statistics.


Advanced Searching in Identify Online

Advanced options are available on the search page when you want more precise results identify_menu_search

Tip: Hitting this button will clear previous searches

Example advanced search:
I want to see all the medical and nursing schools in California and Florida.

1. Select Country + State Select USA Select states CA and FL (hold Ctrl and click each one)
2. Expand Type, Consortia
3. Select Type academic/medsch and academic/nurs (hold Ctrl and click each one)
4. Scroll back up and Search ido_search_button


Filter your search by city or zip for specific locations.

Choose multiple countries, if needed.

Expand the sections to see further search options.

Tip: To select multiple states, countries or Ringgold Types, hold Ctrl and click each one.

full ISO Country list

Ringgold Types list

Use the consortium filter to look for members of consortia.
Consortia Searching. 


Products in Identify Online

Product information can include titles of publications, both print and electronic, if hosted. This field may also store information provided by the publisher such as an author and subscriber to your journal.
Every product – provides results of all of the organizations who subscribe to your products.
Non subscribers only – use with caution, may take longer to retrieve results as the database contains over 300,000 records. Use additional fields to limit your search if possible, such as Type or Country/State.
Subscribers and non subscribers – limit this search with other fields to retrieve desired results.


Sorting Search Results in Identify Online

You can sort your list of search results by various fields. Access the Output Options section on the Search Page by clicking this option:


A new section in the search form will open up. Within the section Data Options you will find a list of fields to sort or group by. Amend options here to change the way you want search results to be displayed.



Consortia Searching in Identify Online

Example advanced search
I want to see all doctorate granting universities (A4 tier), who are consortia members and whom subscribe to a particular product of ours.

1. Expand Type, Consortia Select Type academic Select Consortium Filter Consortia members
2. Expand Tiers Select Tier Type RGT Enter Tier Value A4*
3. Expand Products Select Product name Scroll back up, Click Search ido_search_button

*Click here for a complete list and description of Ringgold Tiers (RGT)


Expand sections to see
these search options.

Limit a regular search by
selecting to see
Only consortia or
Only consortia members
in the results.

Tip: Select All types and Only consortia if you want to see a list of consortia



Saving Searches in Identify Online

A saved search is useful if you want to return to a particular list of results at a later time. From within a list of results click the Save This Search button on the task bar to save that search.


You will be presented with options for your saved search:

ido-search-saveYou can change the name of the Saved Search here if required.
Choose a Search Type, then Click the Save search and RUN button. Your search will then be saved.


Retrieving Saved Searches in Identify Online

From the Search page, Click the View Your Saved Searches button on the task bar.



A list of your saved searches will appear

Select the search required and either:

  • Load Saved Search to see your previously saved options loaded back into the search page
  • Run Saved Search to see the list of search results from the saved search




Managing Saved Searches in Identify Online

From the Search page or a list of Results,
Click the Manage Your Saved Searches button on the task bar.



Here you can delete or rename your saved searches.

You can also manage your Saved Searches from the Control Panel section of Identify Online.






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