Identify Online Standard Reports provide commonly requested data and statistics for both your subscriber base and the larger universe of potential subscribers. Simple filters may be used: geographic region, industry sector, and subscribers or non-subscribers to your own products. Every report may be viewed onscreen, exported to a PDF file, and saved for future reference.

Standard reports: Consortia subscriptions

Displays consortia and consortia members by country. Subscription counts showing non-subscribers and subscribers for each individual journal are broken down by country and within that, by consortium names.

Example: a report to show a list of subscribers who are consortia members in Great Britain

1. Click Standard reports located on the bar at the top of the page from within anywhere in Identify Online


2. Click Consortia subscriptions, Start standard report

You will now be taken through some search screens. Make your selections.

3. Select Country GB Click next Select Product, every product Click next

Select Type all types Click next   Select screen   Search Search button


Results in this example show subscribers, of all types, who are members of a consortia in GB.

Results by country

With a consortia subscriptions Standard Report, there is an option to filter your search results by specific countries and products.
When more than one country is selected then the results will display by country.
Your results may include consortium members which are part of the same consortia but are in different countries. To see the other members belonging to the one consortium, scroll through the pages and locate the next country which has members.

Example: a report to show a list of subscribers who are consortia members in Russia and Poland

Click Standard reports Click Consortia subscriptions, Start standard report

Select Country Poland, Russia Click next Select No Product; Subscribers and Non-Subscribers

Click next Select All Types Click next Select screen Search Search button


Tip: To see a list of all consortia members regardless of country, use a Search rather than a Standard Report, using the Consortium filter to find Consortia members

See also Exporting Standard Reports results



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