Viewing consortia subscriptions

Example consortia subscriptions search:
I want to see a count and list of all members of a consortium, those who subscribe and do not subscribe to my publications.

We’re going to look at subscriptions held within COUPERIN consortium, Ringgold ID 52798:

1. Search for a single consortium View organization details ido-record-detail-button


2. Select the Subscriptions for Members button to view total number of members and any subscriptions here.ido-consortium-members-button

ido-show-hierarchy-nosubsido-show-hierarchy-subs-hierarchyido-show-hierarchy-subs-nohierarchyShow Hierarchy with Subscribers buttons will become available next to the name of a consortium member if there is a subscription somewhere in the institution hierarchy.


Scroll down the list to see subscriptions and
3. Click Show Subscriber/Subscription Details button to view Product details (if data hosted by Ringgold)ido-subs-detail-button


Institution Subscriptions Detail



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