Ringgold understands that from time to time, our clients will need to exchange data about institutions with key business partners. We want to help you achieve your aims while working with the partners of your choice, but we ask you to keep in mind that the data contained in the Identify Database, your Identify Audit files, and the Consortium Directory Online (CDO) is confidential.

We can all move data to more places, more easily, than ever before. This fact makes the protection of confidential information more important than ever. Ringgold’s license includes provisions for the care and control of sensitive business data for all parties, and the FAQ is intended to help you understand those contractual obligations.


Who can access confidential Ringgold data?

Most licenses for the Identify Database, Identify Audit Service, and CDO are enterprise-wide. Any person who is a full-time employee of your company, or the division of your company which is covered by the license agreement, may use and access Ringgold data without restriction. Contact us for user credentials as needed, or to request a copy of your effective license agreement to verify who is an authorized user.

If you would like to share Ringgold data beyond the bounds of your authorized user population,  here’s what you need to know:


What data can you share with third parties?

The following can be shared with third parties directly involved in the delivery of your products and services to customers, to facilitate your business, such as subscription agents. If you are unsure about whether your use case is permissible, please contact Ringgold.

  • Ringgold Identifier
  • Institution Name
  • Location fields: City, State, Country
  • ISNI Number
  • Open Funder Registry ID

The data must not then be shared with any subsequent third party without Ringgold’s permission. Ringgold’s data supplied by you to a third party may not be used to benefit that third party or their other clients.

For third parties not directly involved in delivering your products and services to customers, please contact Ringgold to request permission to share these data elements.


How do I share additional data?

Please request permission from Ringgold before sharing any additional data elements with any third party:

  • Identify Metadata such as Alternative Names, Type and Tiers, any Classification information including subjects, any Size metrics, etc.
  • Identify Hierarchical links
  • Complete Identify Audit files
  • CDO content such as contact details, membership lists, vendor lists, profile documents

Your account representative will discuss your aims and needs, and determine the next steps. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) may be required of the third party. We can often arrange for direct delivery of data to your third party, or provide an extension of your access to the appropriate persons.

This applies to the following types of third parties:

  • Divisions of your company which are not be covered by your license agreement
  • Data & IT contractors
  • Consultants
  • Any external organization


Who should I contact to get more clarification?

Contact your account representative or Ringgold’s support staff:

UK, Europe, ROW:  Diane Cogan diane.cogan@ringgold.com

North America:  Beth Hoskins beth.hoskins@ringgold.com

General inquiries:  support@ringgold.com


What if I need more help? If you require clarification on any aspects of using our products and services please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, extra training can be provided online or in person.

Email your enquiries to support@ringgold.com, or Skype us at ‘ringgoldinc’