Ringgold’s FTP service is provided through Citrix Sharefile via FTPS.

Connection settings

Host: ringgold.sharefileftp.com
Port: 990
Protocol: FTP with Implicit SSL
PASV/Passive mode enabled

Known Issues

Usernames may contain special characters, which can interfere when parsing the connection string. With most tools this is handled automatically, but if you suspect this may be an issue, you may try url-encoding the user name and/or password. This site provides additional information on what url encoding is, and offers a tool to help.

If you receive the error: 530 Non-secure FTP is not enabled for account then you have connected to the wrong port, and will need to adjust your settings.


If you’re having trouble connecting, the following support pages may be useful to you.

https://status.sharefile.com/ – Sharefile Status Page

CTX207860 – ShareFile FTP Settings and Setup Configuration

CTX207859 – ShareFile FTP Information

CTX258286 – FTP Error 530: Incorrect Username or Password


Need more help? If you require assistance or clarification on any aspects of using our products and services please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, extra training can be provided online or in person.

Email your enquiries to support@ringgold.com