Ringgold Tiers are applied to every record in the Identify Database. A Ringgold Tier indicates industry sector and relative scope. The Ringgold Tier has two parts: sector and scope. The first part before the / will give an indication of the sector of the organization: Academic & Schools, Corporate, Government (central government), Health, Medical, Non-profit institutions, Public (local government). The part after the / gives an indication of the scope of the institution. For other tiers click here.

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Ringgold Tier
Associated Ringgold Types
Education establishments teaching to the end of K12, including preschools, kindergarten, nursery school, elementary, primary, middle and high schools and sixth-form colleges, and school districts and local authorities running education at this level including special schools for the disadvantaged
Charter Public School, Palmer High School, Lutheran School for the Deaf, National Council For Special Education
school, school/library, school/special; public/edu
Community colleges, technical colleges and colleges of further education (CFEs). Includes vocational subjects, and covers both K12 and older age groups. Institutions in this tier do not grant degrees
Aiken Technical College, Empire State College, Scheepvaart en Transport College, Institute for Adult Learning
academic, academic/campus, bus
Smaller non-PHD universities, and their faculties and departments, which grant degrees and masters degrees, but not doctorates. These institutions carry out very little research
Kabarak University, American Pacific University, A3 department
academic, academic/*AnySubtype
Universities which grant doctorates, and carry out significant amounts of research, and their faculties and departments. They may have a large number of students, but are in this tier because of their research activities
Harvard University, Imperial College London, Universitat Kassel Institut fur Biologie
academic, academic/*AnySubtype
Large non-PHD universities with 20,000+ students, and their associated faculties and departments, and distance learning universities
Kaplan University, Amity University, Open University, distance learning
academic, academic/*AnySubtype
An administrative grouping of teaching institutions, universities or colleges, usually covering a large region or state
University of California System, UniverSud Paris
Academic consortia, licensing content from more than one vendor
Academic Academic Libraries of Indiana, Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium
Commercial organizations, operating in one state or area within a country, with up to 200 staff
Chembiotech Laboratories Ltd, Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc
Commercial organizations with multiple offices, but only operating within one country, with any number of staff
Kabushiki Kaisha Falco Biosystems, Angel Biotechnology Plc, Lewis and Roca LLP
Commercial organizations with offices in more than one country, and up to a total of 500 staff
Python and Peter Attorneys-at-Law, Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc
Commercial organizations operating in more than one country, and with between 500 and 20,000 staff
EBSCO Industries, Ince and Co
Commercial organisations operating in more than one country, and with over 20,000 staff
Pfizer and all its subsidaries, Unilever, Omron Kabushiki Kaisha
Distributors, subscription agents, library book jobbers, vendors, sales agencies and other intermediaries involved in the scholarly supply chain
Dawson Books Ltd, China National Publications Import and Export Corp
Central government commissions, quasi-autonomous governmental organizations (quangos), national libraries, advisory councils and regulatory authorities
Creative Scotland, Consumer Products Safety Commission, National Medical Library India, Meteorologisk institutt, Instituto Nacional Electoral
govt, govt/ag, children, edu, ems, env, finance, for, law, library, mil, social, vet
Small government laboratory or research centre
US Army Research Office, Forestry Research Institute of Malawi, British Antarctic Survey, Instytut Badan Edukacyjnych
Government health organizations, including NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, US military medical groups, and national institutes
NIH, NICE, Ministries of Health, National Vriksha Ayurveda Research Institute
academic/dental, govt, health, medres, nurs, optical, pharm; govt/ems, health, psych
Large government research institutes, usually on more than one site, and with more than 200 researchers
US Geological Survey, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft und Raumfahrt, Australian Animal Health Laboratory
academic/ag, biosci, bus, chem, earth, econ, eng, govt, history, lang, law, math, mil, music, physics, psych, religion, social, sport, tech
National government agencies, ministries and departments but not health (G3)
Forsvarsdepartementet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social, Federal Bureau of Prisons
govt, govt/ag, central, children, edu, ems, env, finance, for, int, law, mil, social, vet
Large government research networks or consortia
CSIRO, INSERM, CNRS, Research Councils UK, NASA
academic/govt; consortium/*AnySubtype
Think tanks, foundations interested in health or mental health/psychology
Association for the Advancement of Psychology, Red Cross, Action on Smoking and Health, Brussels Childbirth Trust, Mental Health Foundation of Australia, Irish Cancer Society
other/ems, health, optical, psych
Community or private hospital (may include residency programs) and small hospital groups (up to 9 hospitals) and clinics. Doctors’ surgeries are under M1
302 Military Hospital of China, Adventist Saint Thomas Hospice, Klinikum Dortmund GmbH, Coffee Health Group, Riverside Rehabilitation Institute, PCTs
health/library, system; hospital, hospital/children, hospital/library
Care homes or assisted living run by any type of organisation and visiting nurse associations
Aberdeen Aged Care, Wesley Homes, Farmington Valley Visiting Nurse Association, Southern Cross Care Australia, Bethanie Group
corporate/homecare; govt/homecare; other/homecare; public/homecare
Non-government health research organizations
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Mayo Foundation, Prostate Cancer UK, Iranian Institute for Health Sciences Research, Banashankari Medical and Oncology Research Center
other health, medres
Major teaching or research hospitals, including residency programs
Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Aarhus Universitetshospital, University of Bristol Dental Hospital, University of New Mexico Psychiatric Center, Thammasat University Hospital
academic/hospital; hospital/children, library
Healthcare network – over 10 hospitals
NHS Strategic Health Authorities, Bassett Healthcare, Tenet Healthcare, Asklepios Kliniken
health/library, system
Private clinics or practice (without overnight facilities), providing services for medicine, dentistry, psychology or optometry
Concentra Medical Center, Drs Brady and Brewster Inc, Gold Coast Ultrasound for Women, Family Psychological Center PA, Narumiya Heart Clinic, Albany Orthopedic Center, Annapolis Radiology Associates, Bombay
corporate/dental, dissolved, medprac, optical, psych; other/pysch; public/psych
Health schools, schools, faculties and departments of nursing, physiotherapy and associated health subjects (but not medicine, see M3)
Tel Aviv University Department of Nursing, Simon Fraser University Faculty of Health Sciences, Academy of Massage Therapy
academic/health, nurs, optical
Schools, faculties and departments of medicine, pharmacy or dentistry
Howard University College of Medicine, Eastman Dental School, National University of Singapore Department of Pharmacology, Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging
academic/dental, meddep, medres, medsch, pharm
Schools, faculties and departments teaching veterinary medicine or science, animal husbandry and animal-related subjects, and veterinary practices and research
Ankara Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi, University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Ecole nationale veterinaire de Toulouse, Atlantic Veterinary College
Consortia of medical libraries and affiliated hospitals
Arizona Health Information Network, DMER e-Library Consortium, Israeli Hospitals Consortium
Libraries, museums, and non-research based religious, charity and cultural organizations
Royal Ballet, Holy See, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, National Wildlife Federation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Hindu Education Society
other/ag, assoc, botanic, charity, children, cultural, edu, ems, env, finance, law, library, museum, music, religion, social, sport, zoo
Research libraries, museums with scientific research, zoological or botanical gardens
Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Geneve, Zoologischer Garten Frankfurt, National Museums Scotland
other/botanic, library, museum, zoo
Professional societies or trade unions, industry trade associations, lobbying organizations, and think tanks
Amnesty International, Republican Party, American Medical Association, International Centre on Human Rights, Scottish Police Federation
other/advocates, ag, assoc, botanic, children, cultural, edu, env, finance, health, law, learned, medical, music, optical, psych, religion, social, sport, zoo
Small to medium sized non-profit research institutes in subject areas except health, based on one site
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Aga Khan Foundation, National Opinion Research Center, Qatar National Research Fund
other/ag, botanic, children, cultural, edu, env, finance, law, music, religion, research, social, sport, zoo
Large not-for-profit research institutes in all subject areas except health, based on more than one site
Academia Sinica, Academia Romana, Scripps, Fraunhofer, TNO
other/ag, botanic, children, cultural, edu, env, finance, law, music, religion, research, social, sport, zoo
Other networks and consortia, not classified under health or medical
Central Coast Museum Consortium, Czech Research Institutes Consortium, Consorzio Venezia Ricerche, INASP
General reference public libraries or non-profit administrative office
Jefferson Public Library, Seoul City Reference Center, Manchester Libraries, Jakobsbergs bibliotek, Mediatheque de Saint-Mande, Sea Cliff Village Library
Second layer or lower local or regional layers of government, departments or agencies, including health
Aarhus Kommune, Citrus County Health Department, City of Toronto, Bitou Municipality, Victoria Police Department
public, public/*AnySubtype*
Top regional layer of government, departments or agencies including health
Colac Area Health, Florida Department of Transportation, Birmingham City Council
public, public/*AnySubtype*
Regional library network/consortia but not national libraries
INFOLINK, Central Mississippi Regional Library System
consortium/*AnySubtype*; public/library

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Other Tiers in the Identify Database

Carnegie classifications – the classification of colleges and universities by the Carnegie Classification of Institutes of Higher Education at Indiana University to recognize and describe institutional diversity in US.  The classification consists of a number of components, Ringgold records the Basic Classification (the traditional Carnegie Classification Framework), and Size.

It should be noted the classification is selective and not all US colleges and universities are included in the scheme. The data provides a point in time snapshot. The data for three updates is available; 2005, 2010, and 2015. (http://carnegieclassifications.iu.edu).

JISC bands – the JISC Banding Model is the basis for tiered pricing models for content available from publishers and vendors via JISC Collections to many UK institutions. Higher and Further Education institutions, Specialist Colleges, Research Councils and a number of other institutions in the UK, are ranked into JISC Bands. The bands are currently based on the amount of government funding each institution receives, rather than any estimation of research levels. (https://www.jisc-collections.ac.uk/Help-and-information/JISC-Banding

  • Higher Education institutions are listed in the following bands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5A, 5B, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Further Education, specialist colleges, affiliates and Research Councils are listed in the following bands: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

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