Adding new records to the Identify Database

When you’re sure that the organization does not already exist in Identify Online, you may now use the Validate service to add the new organization to the database:

You will be presented with a blank submission form. Complete the form as follows:


1. New organization


Important: Remove all punctuation including commas from all fields
except ‘ (replaces “) and – (for campus records). Change ‘&’ to ‘and’ unless it is part of the legal name, e.g. ‘Texas A&M University’.
Definite and indefinite articles should be removed from the beginning of names, such as ‘The’, ‘A’, ‘An’, ‘Der’, Le’ except where part of the legal name, e.g. ‘The Open University’.


2. Alternate names for Organization

This section is optional – if you know of any Alternate Names for the new organization you may enter them here.
Alternate names include: former names, acronyms, English translations, AKA’s. Categorize any Alternate Names used in the Notes field.

3. Subscriber

Add your customer’s Subscriber Number here and the subscriber’s personal name, if known.
If you don’t have a subscriber number, enter ‘A’ for an automatic number.


4. Subscriptions

Add optional information here about your subscriptions. If you need any further information about adding data here, please get in touch.


When you have finished entering data on the form, click Save New Record



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