Saving new Identify Records in Validate

Possible Duplicates Found

The organization may already exist in the Identify Database.

When saving a new organization record, the Validate system will search existing names, alt names and URLs for possible duplicate data. If discovered, a list of potential duplicate matches will be displayed:

Check to make sure the new organization record you have made is NOT in the list of possible duplicates.

If the record that you are trying to save already exists in the database, please abandon the process. Use the existing Ringgold ID. You can then go back to the home page or add a different organization instead.

Or, if you are sure that your new organization record is indeed unique, you can over-ride the error message by clicking this button at the bottom of the list:


Saved Record Confirmation

Upon saving a new organization record, you will be presented with your saved data and a new Ringgold Identifier. You many now use this ID. New records will appear in Identify Online within one working day.

Rejected Ringgold IDs

If you have saved new records which we later find to be duplicates, a report in Excel format will be sent within one working day listing the duplicate record with replacement Ringgold IDs.

You will also get an on-going statistical summary, plus an overview report at the end of each month:



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