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Before making a new record in Validate it is important to first check that the organization record does not already exist in the Identify Database. Use Ringgold’s Identify Online to search the database (see separate Identify Online help for detailed instruction).

Follow these steps to check for existing records in Identify Online:

1. Find the official organization on Google and copy its URL. It may not be displayed on the first page of search results, so check a few pages of results if you can’t find it.

2. If a URL is found in Google, search Identify Online with the domain part of the URL. Remove the http part and add the wildcard* to find anything within that domain:


If results are found, expand the hierarchy view for the highest-level record to find other records associated with that domain.

3. If no organization records are found for that URL or if you cannot find a URL on Google, clear the form and search for keywords in the organization name. Keyword searches will ensure that variations of names are eliminated from the search such as centre/center, hospital/medical centre/health centre, etc.

 Wuhan Disease                     Wuhan Centers for Disease and Prevention Control

Tip: Hitting this button in Identify Online will clear previous searches

4. If no records are found for a URL or keyword search, or you have too many search results, try being more specific – search the City OR Postcode fields, and perhaps include one or more Ringgold Types. You can also try a keyword in the name field but using the most unique words from the organization name will help.

See also Tips And Tricks for further Identify Online search advice


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