Documentation for the Validate Service API can be found here:

If you would like to test the Validate Service API call please contact Ringgold for a license key and the endpoint for sandbox testing.


Validate Service API call process

The Validate Service API call is used to create new organization records and obtain a Ringgold ID immediately. Clients should build in a process of looking for existing organization records before using the Validate Service API call to create a new organization record. Please be aware that charges apply for each record submitted via the Validate Service API call.

When a Validate Service API call is made, clients may expect the following:

  • Once the organization information is submitted, a new Ringgold ID will be returned. The new record is now in pending status awaiting Ringgold’s research process.
  • Ringgold’s research team vets the new record over the next 2 business days.
    • New organization records will be fully researched and completed, then added to the live database.
    • We may reject new Ringgold IDs if they are found to be duplicates or do not adhere to the Identify Database editorial policy. If rejected, the ID is added to the ‘OrganizationsDeleted’ table with a reference to a replacement existing Ringgold ID. We do not recycle deleted Ringgold IDs.
  • Clients may use the Identify Database organizations/{ringgold_id} to verify the new Ringgold ID. We suggest waiting 2 business days following the initial new Validate Service request. The organizations/{ringgold_id} will return the full metadata of the created record, or the forwarding the existing Ringgold ID if the request was rejected during the checking process.

Clients will receive a monthly summary of all Validate Service requests including Ringgold IDs by email.

The service has an annual administration fee plus a per record charge. Please get in touch for more details.



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