What is CDO?

Consortium Directory Online (or CDO) is Ringgold’s fully-searchable, comprehensive database of over 500 library consortia world-wide. It enables publishers and vendors to confidently approach the consortium market informed by authoritative intelligence about consortium licensing and operational practices.

The most comprehensive resource covering library consortia, the CDO is continually updated by Ringgold’s international team of research experts with consortium changes, member lists, licensed vendors, contact details, and new consortia as they emerge. The CDO is integrated with Ringgold’s Identify Database, streamlining the analysis process for clients of both services.


What will CDO do for me?

CDO helps you to understand and explore the consortia market like no other single resource.
Search: Geographically, by consortium, by member institution, by vendors licensed.
Analyse: Consortia licensing similar content, create gap analyses and export prospect lists and contacts.
Negotiate: Equipped with authoritative membership lists, understand the scope of a potential deal. Ensure a greater chance of success with access to licenses and preferred terms.


Brief  overview of CDO content

The principal aim of the Consortium Directory Online is to provide a tool that explains the library consortium market and provides publishers with the information, insight and contacts to negotiate with the library consortia that actively procure online content.

CDO editorial policy is to include consortia that actively licence, intend to licence, participate in licensing or have strong influence over the licensing of online information content from more than one publisher or vendor.



Next step: Getting Started

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