What is Validate?

Validate enables Ringgold’s Identify Online customers to obtain Ringgold Identifiers for organizations that are not currently held in the Identify Database, with immediate effect.

The advantages are numerous; you are able to quickly obtain a new Ringgold ID for addition into multiple internal systems, and then use that number to link systems together.


How Validate works

Users search for an organization, either in the Identify Online interface or internal systems; if the organization does not appear to be in the Identify Database a new record can be added, allowing a unique Ringgold ID to be immediately obtained.

Ringgold’s expert staff and researchers manually check all entries made in the Validate system. The next working day you will receive a report of rejected records, with any associated corrections. The daily report also includes cumulative counts for the records entered for the current month and year-to-date. All provisional Ringgold IDs which were supplied via Validate, but found to be duplicates or rejected entries, are officially recorded and deleted forever. Ringgold does not recycle Ringgold Identifiers.


Getting started

Go to: https://idproduction.ringgold.com Enter login email and password Click login.
You will now be presented with the main Validate home page.


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What if I need more help? If you require clarification on any aspects of using our products and services please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, extra training can be provided online or in person.

Email your enquiries to support@ringgold.com, or Skype 'ringgoldinc'